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LJ's Learning Disability Community

Learning Disabilities
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This is a community for people with any type of learning disability.
This community is designed for education and support concerning learning disabilities and how they affect our lives. All are welcome here--parents of children with learning disabilities, adults with learning disabilities, teachers, psychologists/psychiatrists, teenagers with learning disabilities, as well as those who are interested in or curious about LDs. Here, you're encouraged to post your personal stories, things that have worked for you, things you've learned along the way, interesting articles or research pertaining to LDs.

1) If it violates LJ's Terms of Service, don't do it.
2) Play nicely. If someone's feelings are getting hurt, STOP--and apologize.
3) Please post an introduction here.
4) Don't delete posts or comments. Even if people get worked up about something. Just don't do it. I will be grouchy if you do.